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Turmeric Ginger Shower Gel

Turmeric Ginger Shower Gel

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*bottle shape has switched to a thick 8oz bottle. still contains 8oz.

Turmeric and Ginger are two natural skin remedies that have been used for centuries as help for brighter, even skin tone.

Our turmeric-ginger body wash formulation, along with honey, ginger extract, and aloe. 

Ginger alongside turmeric is known to help the skin heal, and improve its appearance. Our body gel is formulated to brighten, tone, and softly exfoliate your body. 

Each purchase is for one bottle of body wash.

8oz bottle of Turmeric Ginger Shower Gel.

Safe for all skin types. 


*Shake well to mix actives and soap*

*For use on the body*

Our favorite turmeric bar now comes in a liquid form! 

Better Together: Pair with our Turmeric Bar to cleanse your face and exfoliate dry patches on skin and body. 


How to use

In the shower, apply 1-2 pumps onto a washcloth of loofa. Wash body as normal, avoiding the vaginal area. Repeat as desired. 

*Unscented product, layer under our other scented washes or your favorite scented body wash.

 You should treat yourself.  Get those legs and body ready for bikini season with clear, soft, and even skin. 

**Settling may occur: Our soap contains REAL Turmeric and Ginger powders to provide additional benefit.  To ensure that each product is fully saturated, a good amount is added. Excess may settle on the bottom.

*Shelf Life- 12 Months. Extend life by avoiding contamination or adding water to the bottle.



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