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Rose Lip Scrub

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Rose is the ruler of our HoneyBae lip scrubs. Infused with sweet vanilla, rose petals, and rose-hip oil, Rose Bomb is the most luxurious lip scrubs we have to offer. 

Coarse sugar granules, infused with sunflower oil, which is known for its healing properties is also VERY absorbent, meaning your lips are going to drink up the benefits! 

Pair our scrub with a Lip Butter to seal in moisture and reap the benefits of Vitamin E and Rosehip Oil together!

Benefits of a Sugar Scrub:

  • Softer Lips
  • Plump Lips with more natural color
  • Moisturized and non-cracked/ dry lips
  • Eliminates dull lip appearance 


Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Dried Organic Roses, Flavoring Oil, Rosehip Oil



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