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HoneyBae Cosmetics

Honeybae Glow Kit

Honeybae Glow Kit

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Our Honeybae Glow-Kit which comes with a fluffy headband, a turmeric bar, and a green-goddess oil. 

Turmeric Bar

Formulated for hyperpigmentation and sensitive skin. Fades dark acne scars and dark blemishes. Best Paired with the Green Goddess Facial Oil. 

Designed for the perfect cleanse: Our gentle yet effective bars are formulated with detergent-free soap to ensure you have a smooth cleanse with no greasy after-film or yucky residue.

Exfoliating Bar Soap: Let the Turmeric grains gently exfoliate and renew your skin with its natural properties.

Gentle Skin Cleanser: Fragrance-free, Detergent-Free, and free from any artificial fragrances and dyes.

How to Use

Lather soap into hands and wash face or body in a circular motion, allow lather to sit on the skin for up to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Bar can also be directly applied to the skin or a washcloth.

**Turmeric does stain cloth.

Green Goddess Oil

Formulated with Sunflower Oil and Hemp Seed oil for maximum absorption.

Better Together: Pair with our Turmeric Bar.

 Let us get you right. Our Green Goddess contains Hemp Seed Oil + Sunflower Oil which boost a comedogenic rating of 0! (This means no clogged pores, btw.)

Horsetail Herb is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory herb that aids in reducing acne and irritation. Horsetail is also good for soothing the effects of eczema and facial scarring.

Nettle, aka stinging Nettle is perfect for reducing redness in dry skin. It also provides a good boost of antioxidants and anti-aging benefits. Good remedy for dry itchy skin.

Chamomile is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin types. Reduces bacteria and helps keep blemishes from growing any further. Specifically kills staphylococcus aureus, which is the main acne causer.

How to use

Apply before bed onto a clean, dry, and washed face. Massage into the skin with clean fingertips in upwards motions. Use as a daily facial oil.

Do not touch the dropper to face, as it will introduce bacteria into the bottle. *for longer life, you may refrigerate this oil, however, it may a bit thicker than usual.

Fluffy Headband

Nobody likes getting their edges wet, in the shower, or while at the sink! 

Keep your edges and hairline dry and protected while you wash your face with our fluffy head bands. One size fits most.

One purchase is equal to 1 fluffy, soft, velcro headband.



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Customer Reviews

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Best Product Ever

ever since i was little i have suffered with acne and when i got older and had my own job i started to use a lot of different things then one day on tik tok i saw that people was using turmeric and i wanted to try it out so i did and i never seen my skin so nice and with no acne 😁😁😁😁😁

Ka'Mora Johnson
In love

My skin has never felt so soft. I’m still not sure how long it will be before I see any results though.

I. Love. It.

Everything in this kit was something that was recommended to me on the skin quiz, and my skin has been looking better and better every day! I love this kit and could not recommend it any more.


My order came fast and quick. I can't wait to see how it is I heard some good reviews

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