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Body Scrub Duo

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Both of our body scrubs in one package, for the softest smoothest skin out there.

Strawberry Papaya Enzyme Scrub:

Our Enzyme Scrub is a literal skin reset. Made with Licorice root for improving skin clarity, and Papaya Enzymes for removing dead skin and flaky patches. Licorice root removes dead skin from the top layer, leaving baby soft and moisturized new skin. 

Scent: Strawberry Lemonade

Mango Madness (Mango+ Turmeric):

The sweet, fruity, and floral notes scents of mango combined with the tangy, citrus-y notes of grapefruit are guaranteed to level up your shower-time routine. The Turmeric works to even hyper pigmentation and dark blemishes. 

Scent: Mango and Tangy Grapefruit